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we will try our best to bring this site back to live..soo i wish everyone gonna join us ^^ thank you - by yuuki

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 what is manga workshop...??

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PostSubject: what is manga workshop...??   Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:21 am

manga workshop is our activity to improve your creativity and drawing skill by drawing base on the theme..

ok this is how its work...
anyone can create a workshop base on any theme like Halloween photo,ghost,ninja,samurai, chibi or anything..
and someone who wanna join the workshop need to draw anything base on the theme given

for example..

i create a topic "draw your character as a Mystical creature"
sooo all the members who wanna join the workshop only allow to draw base on that theme..get it..??

the rule...

1- same as the rule at manga art gallery

2- No Fan art..create your own character

enjoy ^^
Good Luck ^^
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what is manga workshop...??
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