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we will try our best to bring this site back to live..soo i wish everyone gonna join us ^^ thank you - by yuuki

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 TranceMusique's work as SOAAVA CREW's work

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PostSubject: TranceMusique's work as SOAAVA CREW's work   Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:49 pm

me myself n my twin OC Nazrin a.k.a Itou Makoto Shinji..we're both now classmates until we wore the same outfit to class
just so u know that i'm back to become a photographer again now i have a photo partner which is him we are in charge instructed by our senior n my friend Putra bcuz our senior the main freelance photographer Zamir Hakim was busy so he's always missing in campus so they let us take his place for the time being..i get the idea so i drew this
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TranceMusique's work as SOAAVA CREW's work
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