Site for someone who hold a dream to be a great manga artist!
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we will try our best to bring this site back to live..soo i wish everyone gonna join us ^^ thank you - by yuuki

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 Manga mage Grand Opening

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PostSubject: Manga mage Grand Opening   Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:31 pm

manga mage been created by me on 14/10/2010 which is yesterday XDD
its still isnt 100% complete yet...but im sure that it will be complete at the end of the month^^
about the member...dont worry...the number will increase soon~ soo please dont ever think "man this site just only have a few members..its just wasting time if im join it..."

every site in this world begin with 1 member...even myspace,facebook and lest and not least...Youtube..soo please...dont ever think like that...

ok enough chit chat...soo LETS THE ARTS BEGIN!! XDDDD
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Manga mage Grand Opening
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