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we will try our best to bring this site back to live..soo i wish everyone gonna join us ^^ thank you - by yuuki

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 how to post your picture??

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PostSubject: how to post your picture??   Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:05 am

ok this is something you need to know...

how to post your drawing? well thats easy..first of all..i wanna you to create 1 new topic...well for the title..just put anything you like..for the example, "yuuki new drawing" or "red's artwork" anything~

then just click at Image icon and put the code there

you can post it from

by the way, 1 user only 1 topic...if you decide to post more than 1 drawing or wanna post your latest drawing, no need to create other topic..just search for your reply and the post using the same steps..

and for someone who wanna comment the just click reply and write your comment...and not post your drawing in others topic

P/S : please always click preview to check that the drawing will came out or not
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how to post your picture??
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